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At Green Acres we provide same day crowns and bridges with our in-office mill. This mill creates crowns and bridges from the strongest crown material in our industry. So if you have a weak, broken or missing tooth this may be the best option for you. Ask any of our experienced staff about this service.

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We provide both simple and surgical extraction procedures at Green Acres. Extractions are sometimes needed for orthodontic treatment, in order to remove infection associated with a tooth, or simply to remove those pesky wisdom teeth. We offer nitrous sedation in conjunction with extractions if you are nervous



Whether you are 14 or 54 this is a fantastic option for all ages to improve your smile. Invisalign is an advanced orthodonic system that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth instead of conventional braces. We offer no charge consultations for invisalign. Call us today to see what your smile could look like! 

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Our hygienists are here to provide thorough cleanings on a regular schedule based upon your specific needs

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We offer light sedation to any patients who may be nervous in our chair. This includes either oral sedation or nitrous sedation (laughing gas). Our biggest priority at Green Acres is ensuring your visit here is as enjoyable as possible. 

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At Green Acres we love treating our young patients. Most of our staff are moms with young children and so we love to make kids feel comfortable in the environment. We provide all paediatric services. 

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In conjunction with our lab we can make comfortable dentures that function well and look good too! Whether you re missing some or all of your teeth, this is an option that we offer to our patients. 



We try to fit emergency patients in same day as best we can. We provide care for broken, lost teeth or traumatised teeth due to a fall. We will also make sure you're seen ASAP if you are experiencing dental pain. 

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Suffering from facial/jaw pain, headaches and migraines?
You might be a candidate for Botox treatment. Most people are familiar with the use of Botox as a
cosmetic treatment. However, Botox can be used in dentistry for pain management, especially with
patients struggling with symptoms commonly associated with a TMJ disorder and clenching/grinding.

Call for a consultation to learn how Botox can help
you feel better and look younger!

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