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Suffering from facial/jaw pain, headaches and migraines?
You might be a candidate for Botox treatment. Most people are familiar with the use of Botox as a
cosmetic treatment. However, Botox can be used in dentistry for pain management, especially with
patients struggling with symptoms commonly associated with a TMJ disorder and clenching/grinding.
Botox is a botulinum toxin product that can be injected into the affected head and neck muscles. The
nerve signals that cause these muscle movements are blocked, resulting in the relaxation of the muscles
and reduction or elimimation of facial pain (chronic headaches, migraines and tension). With a series of
treatments, Botox can train your muscles to relax and allow the symptoms to resolve for longer periods of
As Botox injections offers a simultaneous cosmetic benefit, patients can notice significant improvements
in fine lines and wrinkles. Teeth grinding and clenching can overwork the chewing muscles which can
increase the bulkiness of these muscles and alter the shape and appearance of the lower face. Reducing
the activity of these muscles via botox injections can reduce the boxy-looking and wide lower jaw
Want to learn more about dental Botox for facial pain? Call for a consultation to learn how Botox can help
you feel better and look younger!

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