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Are you worried about crooked teeth, or perhaps there's one tooth that looks a little out in photographs? Invisalign could be the answer! We use clear aligners instead of conventional brackets to move the teeth into a more ideal position. Treatment times vary from 4 months for a simple correction up to 2 years for more complex cases. Ask any of our staff for more information. All Invisalign consults are free of charge.

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Invisalign - The best clear aligner system out there!

At Green Acres we only use Invisalign in our clear aligner cases. Invisalign is state of the art technology that provides predictable results every time.

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Our Invisalign treatment costs between $6000 and $6500, this includes removable retainers to keep your beautiful new smile where it is! It also includes refinements for up to 5 years after signing up. So if something moves??? We've got your back.

Check in on our Facebook or Instagram pages for any specials that may be running. Twice a year we offer discounted prices for a limited time.

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